Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Weight-Loss Workout

What if you could combine a sizzling calorie burn with an all-over toning routine? This workout does just that. By alternating high-energy cardio intervals with strength moves that target all of your major muscles, you'll burn more fat than you would get from lifting weights alone. And if you stick to the routine, you can drop pounds and lose inches in as few as two to three months.

The magic of this weight-loss workout is that these strength moves target many muscles at once by incorporating both lower-body and upper-body work. While you won't increase your metabolism by lifting weights, a commonly believed gym myth (see my articles on this here and here), you will burn extra calories with these particular resistance moves. The multiple squat and lunge variations have a high-calorie-burning, cardio-like effect since the muscle groups in your butt and thighs are large and use of lots of energy.

All you need to do is follow this workout three times a week using weights, and do the same workout on another three times a week but without weights. (Alternate weighted and non-weighted days; muscles get stronger faster if you avoid lifting weights on consecutive days.) Ready, set, burn that fat!


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